Manhattan Health Education School - Swedish Institute - New York, NY

Why a Medical Assistant Is Vital to Hospital Success

A Swedish Institute instructor explaining how to find success with an EKG machine to two medical assistant students

Becoming a medical assistant involves a lot of education and work, but the rewards are worth the effort. Swedish Institute’s medical assistant graduates have gone on to find great success at hospitals across New York City and beyond, providing necessary support to both doctors and patients. Without medical assistants, doctors wouldn’t be able to offer […]

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Top 3 Tips to Success in Medical Billing and Coding School

Female Medical Billing & Coding Employee entering information - Swedish Institute - New York, NY

Every hospital and many doctors’ offices employ medical billing and coding (MBC) specialists. MBC Specialists help patients and insurance providers understand the financial situation behind their healthcare. MBC careers are growing at the same rate as many other jobs in the hospital field. But if you’re considering medical billing and coding school, you might want […]

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Launching New Medical Esthetics Training

(New York, NY – July 12, 2022) Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in New York City announces the official launch of its new Medical Esthetics Program this month. The program offers a variety of hands-on training programs and workshops. The curriculum is specifically for medical professionals currently working in or transitioning to the medical […]

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