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Advances in technology continue to transform the healthcare industry. Swedish Institute takes a forward-thinking approach to healthcare education. We want to make sure our students are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. That’s why all students receive a brand-new iPad at the start of their program. This technology changes the way students work, communicate, and learn, enabling them to achieve their full academic potential.

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The Swedish Institute Experience

At Swedish Institute, we offer an array of highly sought-after programs. Our programs provide both practical hands-on training and instruction from industry professionals. We provide an enriching learning experience that prepares students for success in their chosen careers.

Diversity and inclusion are essential to a vibrant and thriving academic community. We aim to create an environment where all students and staff feel valued and respected, and actively encourage civic engagement in our courses. This approach empowers students to become advocates for health equity and social justice.

Real-world Training

Hands-on training and education prepare students for a new career.

Our instructors are experienced professionals in their fields. They are passionate about teaching and bring their real-world experience to the classroom.

Career Placement

Thousands of companies in the Tri-State area assist in placing our graduates!

We know the success of our students is our greatest achievement. Our commitment to our students extends beyond graduation. So, we are proud to offer them job placement services to help them launch their careers. Our database of thousands of employers across the U.S. connects graduates with job opportunities around the country.

NYC Location

Swedish Institute is conveniently located in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City close to all major NYC transit lines.

Our Chelsea campus is in the heart of Manhattan’s art district, where diversity and culture thrive. This creates an inspiring and enriching learning environment for our students. With easy access to NYC transit, you could (literally) be a stop away from pursuing a new career.

Professional Skill-building

Develop skills to be successful both in and out of the classroom.

Our mission is not just to provide real-world training. We also want to help you develop professional skills, values, and attitudes to help you succeed in your career and life.

Locked in Tuition Rates

Students who continuously attend school will be guaranteed the same tuition rate from start to completion.

There are many factors to consider when planning your academic journey. Tuition is often at the top of the list. At Swedish Institute, we are committed to keeping student’s tuition rates the same during their continuous enrollment.

The iPad® Program

Each student is issued an iPad®, providing 24/7 access to their studies.

Swedish Institute is committed to innovation and keeping up with the latest technology-based learning trends. That’s why all students receive a brand-new iPad® Air at the start of their program. Technology changes the way students work, communicate, and learn, enabling them to achieve their full academic potential. And, best of all, the device graduates with the student. It will be theirs to keep after graduation.

  • “I had a great experience at Swedish in the nursing program. The courses were challenging but rewarding. I found a job almost instantly with the help of Swedish faculty and the rest has been history. Super thankful for my experience at Swedish.”

    T. Crearer,

    Nursing Graduate

  • “I am a recently graduated student and it is incredible all the job offers I have received. I feel thrilled and proud to have been part of the school the teachers are amazing and supportive. I felt very prepared for the State Board Exam.”

    Y. Diaz,

    Massage Therapy Graduate

  • “I got my RN license in 21 months. Now I work in a NY city hospital. I am very grateful to the school for giving me an opportunity to study nursing. Nursing program was not easy, I am very happy, I passed all the courses and passed NCLEX the first time.”

    J. Jan,

    Nursing Graduate

  • “This school strives for excellence and produces the best of the best. They offer so many amazing programs that fit everyone’s preferences. The nursing program at Swedish Institute is one of the best nursing programs out there. It prepares you for what you will actually encounter when you are working in the institution that you are hired for. Like every accelerated program it is fast-paced but you do learn. The faculty staff is genuine and they are always available when needed. The professors are vast in knowledge and aside from your textbooks they are the key that will help unlock your success. I am a proud graduate of 2021, working as a Pediatric Nurse in the Emergency Department.”

    R. Ramdham,

    Nursing Graduate

    Class of 2021

  • “Had a great experience going through the massage therapy program here. The classes were small enough that I was able to get great supervision and insight from the skilled professors who were able to teach from their own experiences with massage over their careers. I left the school feeling competent and confident with my abilities, and comfortable knowing that I had the support of my professors and the staff to assist me with getting started. Would definitely recommend any other aspiring massage therapists to come here!”

    T. Costello,

    Massage Therapy Graduate

  • “Swedish institute changed my life! The staff is very supportive and personally cares about your success. They always went the extra mile! The surgical tech program changed my whole life’s trajectory and career path. In two short years, I have worked my way up from being a barber to orthopedic surgery and now Neurosurgery. All with the opportunity that Swedish gave me. So thanks for the life upgrade Swedish and staff!”

    D. Vasc,

    Surgical Technologist Graduate

  • “They are really great in helping you in preparing for the NCLEX and they keep track of your progression throughout the program, and if you are struggling with your grades they will help you.”

    R. Ramdham,

    Nursing Graduate

    Class of 2022

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