campus safety

Swedish Institute is committed to providing every student with a safe and welcoming environment. Prospective students can request information concerning the college’s Crime Awareness and Campus Security program from the Director of Student Services or an Admissions Representative. The Campus Security ReportSwedish Institute’s Crime Awareness, and Campus Brochure are available online. 

Part of our commitment to safety and transparency is evident in our adherence to the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act (Public Law 102-26), which requires that educational institutions report campus crime statistics regularly and provide campus safety and crime prevention information. At Swedish Institute, we publish the number of campus crimes that get reported to the police and the number of arrests for certain crimes committed on campus on an annual basis, as based upon data collected during the three most recent calendar years. Information about sexual assault and sexual harassment prevention is also included. 

Your safety is our foremost concern. For more information, please call us at (212) 924-5900. Below are additional resources on safety. 

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