Swedish Institute offers numerous scholarships. Some are designed to help students as they begin their college careers; others are awarded as they progress in their program. Scholarships may only be used to cover tuition and fees.

Most of our scholarships honor individuals who are no longer with us and who made outstanding contributions to the institution’s development or whose lives exemplified the ideals of education in today’s world. Swedish Institute offers the following types of scholarships:

  • Institutional
  • Departmental
  • Alumni
  • Professional

All scholarships are subject to the availability of funding. For detailed information regarding the current scholarship opportunities available, contact the Admissions Department at 212-924-5900.


Eligibility Requirements for all Swedish Institute Scholarships

  • Applicants must complete a scholarship application to be considered for a scholarship award.
  • Applicant must fulfill all admission, academic, and financial aid obligations and be in good standing with their cash payment plan or private loan funding before scholarship disbursement.
  • Scholarships are awarded based on student status and credits scheduled for the upcoming academic year. The institution will prorate the award for those students who change their enrollment level, reducing credits attempted.
  • At the time of award disbursement, the student must be actively attending class.
  • Recipients are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress as outlined in the institution’s catalog.
  • Recipients must maintain the eligibility requirements of their approved scholarship throughout the academic year. Awards will be revoked or prorated if a student no longer meets the scholarship’s requirements for eligibility.
  • Some scholarships may be combined; however, there may be a limit to the total amount awarded.
  • All other scholarships from the “Professional” or “Alumni” category cannot be combined towards tuition and fees.
  • If the scholarship amount is included as estimated financial assistance in the Student Funding Plan, the student must complete and return the scholarship application. A scholarship is only considered awarded once officially approved and confirmed by the Director of Financial Aid.