Why a Medical Assistant Is Vital to Hospital Success

Becoming a medical assistant involves a lot of education and work, but the rewards are worth the effort. Swedish Institute’s medical assistant graduates have gone on to find great success at hospitals across New York City and beyond, providing necessary support to both doctors and patients. Without medical assistants, doctors wouldn’t be able to offer treatment to patients with the care they deserve. Check out the top reasons why medical assistants are so vital to the success of hospitals and doctors in saving lives every day.  

Key Role and Responsibilities 

Medical assistants have many responsibilities, but the success of a hospital relies on MAs doing their jobs. For example, certified medical assistants perform tasks like collecting lab work, obtaining vitals and medical histories, administering EKGs, and much more. Beyond that, medical assistants are often the first people that patients will encounter at a hospital or doctor’s office. A medical assistant will offer support in administrative settings and with clerical work.  

MAs Work Directly with Doctors 

If you’re a medical assistant, your success relies on working closely with doctors and other healthcare professionals. CMAs gather information crucial to diagnosing a patient, including medical histories and vitals. CMAs also update medical records that allow doctors to look into the history of a patient and their backgrounds. If a medical assistant fails to keep a good record, the success of their treatment might be at stake.  

Beyond that, medical assistants often have the most face time with a patient at a doctor’s office. Doctors often have to run around to multiple patients in a short amount of time. Medical assistants get to know their patients, comforting them and learning necessary details to help doctors tailor their treatments.   

Medical Assistant Success Stories 

One of our students, Amillion James, graduated earlier in 2023 as a clinical medical assistant. Within a few months of graduation, she found placement in a doctor’s office specializing in internal medicine. Amillion attributes her education at Swedish Institute as one of the reasons she’s been so successful.  

“The Swedish Institute taught me the importance of being competent in my line of work and how to provide excellent patient care utilizing the skills I learned during the didactic and practicum portion of the program.”  

We’re so happy for students like Amillion and all of the success they’ve had. You can read other success stories, such as the incredible COVID-era journey of Samantha Hawkins or Gavin Greenidge’s path to graduation despite hardship at home. 

The Secret to Medical Assistant Success 

A great career begins with a great education. Join us at Swedish Institute to learn more about the various opportunities you can find as a medical assistant and get your certification or degree today!