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Swedish Institute Medical Assistant Graduate Finds Success Through Family Hardship

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Sometimes, finding the silver lining in an unfortunate situation can set us on a path to success. That was the case for Gavin Greenidge, a 25-year-old Swedish Institute Medical Assistant graduate, who embraced his passion for the medical field after his mother suffered a life-changing stroke. Read on to hear his inspiring story.

Growing Up in Guyana

Gavin is one of seven children who was raised by his single mother in the country of Guyana. He developed a passion for medicine at an early age, and always knew he wanted to work in the medical field. Throughout high school, he focused his studies in the field of sciences, where he earned top grades in his class. After graduating in 2011, he began working in different labs related to blood and food testing. It was during this time when his mother, Vashti, suffered a massive stroke. While Gavin and his siblings worked together to care for their mother, he was convinced more than ever that he needed to pursue his own career in the medical field.

Coming to America

In 2014, Gavin moved to the United States with his family in search of a better life to care for his mother. “I knew the answer to my future was in the United States,” he said. “It opened doors to a better opportunity to study medicine and pursue my dreams.”

Discovering Swedish Institute

In 2014, Gavin enrolled in the Clinical and Administrative Medical Assistant program at Swedish Institute in NYC. With determination and hard work, he balanced sharing the responsibility of caring for his mother, working nights, and attending Swedish Institute during the day. “The professors at Swedish Institute made all the difference,” he said. “I believe their dedication to ensuring every student understands the material is the key to unlocking a successful future for their students.”  Two years later, Gavin graduated with a 3.9 grade point average and earned his Associates in Occupational Studies degree (AOS). Soon after, he took and passed the Registered Medical Assistant Certification examination (RMA), provided by American Medical Technologists (AMT), which earned him his certification in the field. “Swedish Institute offers a comprehensive program and prepares its students for success in the medical field,” said Gavin. “Their professionalism is second to none.”


Landing his Dream Job

In less than one year after graduating from Swedish Institute, Gavin found his niche working in the surgical side of the industry. “I chose the surgical side over primary care,” he said. “That’s where my passion lies.” He currently works at Northwell Health in Lake Success, New York, where his job involves scheduling surgical appointments and taking patient’s vital signs, among other related tasks. Looking to the future, Gavin said his goal is to attend medical school. “I’m planning on pursuing a degree in biology,” he said. “After that, I’m prepared for a long, arduous road ahead, but I’m willing to do what it takes.”


Love for His Mom

Gavin admits that it is not easy seeing his mother in her condition. “My mom lost her ability to communicate,” he said sadly. “Thankfully, the curriculum at Swedish Institute included psychology classes, which have helped me cope with caring for my mom.” He said having the solid academic foundation from Swedish Institute combined with his experience in the field – has given him an edge in understanding his mother’s condition, which includes reading and comprehending her medical reports. “My mom may not be able to tell me her thoughts and feelings, but I can feel them,” Gavin states. “I plan on continuing with my medical career and do what it takes to give my mom a happy life. Swedish Institute will help me get there.”

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