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How Nursing has Become the Most Sought-After Job in Healthcare

Nursing careers in healthcare in 2023 - Swedish Institute - New York, NY

Nursing is rapidly becoming one of the hottest careers in the healthcare industry today as the industry is seeing a shortage of nurses that could result in 1 million open positions by the year 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Increasing Demand

With nurses retiring in record numbers and the expansion of insurance coverage from job growth and the Affordable Care Act, the demand for nurses is driving up wages as employers are taking it one step further and offering generous sign-on bonuses to sweeten the deal.

Earn Your Nursing Degree Faster at Swedish Institute

Swedish Institute has remained ahead of the industry curve by offering a 20-month (5-semester) nursing program to prospective students seeking to earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree. This rigorous program is significantly shorter than programs offered at other institutions, allowing students to enter the workforce sooner.

A Foundation for a Successful Program

The nursing program at Swedish has earned a stellar reputation over the years and is recognized by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN.) With a graduation rate of ___ (Maxine to send) and a placement rate topping 70%, Swedish is dedicated to their student’s success.

The program is incredibly rewarding, both personally and professionally; however, due to its rigorous nature, students must be academically and financially prepared as well as socially committed. Nursing students enrolled at Swedish are predominantly women, head of household, and are a median age of 36 years old. Male student enrollment has been gradually increasing over the years, with male nurses making their own mark in the industry bringing a more direct approach and unique level of care.

The school admits 20 students, three times per year, to its nursing program who meet the following admission requirements:

  • 18 years or older
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Must pass the National League of Nursing entrance exam with a score of 100 or above (math, science)
  • No post-secondary education is necessary

Here are some other key benefits of earning your nursing degree from Swedish:

  • Experienced faculty that are committed to student’s education and success (hold master’s degrees and are experienced in specialty areas.)
  • Small class size (7 students in a clinical setting, 12 students in the skills lab, and 20-25 in didactic/lecture.)
  • Provide activities to enhance overall perspective on nursing including Student Nursing Association, Technical Honor Society (3.5 GPA required,) and volunteer services.

Students are encouraged to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Education can be done in steps and stages for those wanting to take their degree one step further, but have family and work obligations.

A Pathway to an Exciting Career

Job opportunities in the nursing industry go beyond the hospital setting. Nurses have a spectrum of job options in other healthcare facilities including clinics, home care, and nursing homes, to name a few. For example, students graduating with an associate degree in New York can expect to earn a minimum annual salary of $50 thousand.

A Message from the Dean

“Nursing is an incredible opportunity,” said Maxinee Black-Arios, dean of nursing at Swedish Institute. “It’s a privilege earned by few to serve and take care of people,” Arios explains how earning a nursing degree isn’t just about getting a job, it’s about creating a career for yourself. “We are committed to our students,” Arios said. “It’s a partnership we cherish to ensure we both succeed.”