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Swedish Institute’s Career Services Director Knows What It Takes to Succeed

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The career services department at Swedish Institute is dedicated to ensuring each and every graduate is prepared with the tools and experience they need to be at the top of their game. With over 16 years of corporate recruiting experience, Richard Gardner, Director of Career Services, has earned a stellar reputation as an expert in his field in guiding students to shine above the competition.

Corporate Recruiting Experience

Gardner began his career with a technical recruiting company in 2000 working directly with job placement and recruiting for Fortune 500 companies. Gardner says his experience working the back-end of the employment screening process was instrumental in learning the “weed out” process of corporate recruiting. “It was a great opportunity to help me learn how to build relationships with employers and interview candidates to find their hot buttons.  Having that kind of behind-the-scenes knowledge allows me to help students prepare their resumes for the best exposure.” he explains.

Gardner’s expansive knowledge of state and federal human resources laws is another pearl of wisdom he can pass along to his students. “We are the bridge between their training and finding their best job opportunity,” Gardner said.

Why Career Services?

Gardner said the Allied Health Programs at Swedish Institute is what drew him to work there. “They have good things built into their programs that give students the edge to position themselves above the rest,” Gardner said.

Giving students an edge

He explained how the career services department at Swedish Institute is the gateway for students to put their best foot forward on their path to a successful future. “We care about our students and want to see them succeed,” Gardner said. “We match the perfect person with the right employer.”