Why We Love Our Swedish Institute Students

Valentine’s Day is a day that we all take time to tell those we care about how much they mean to us.  So what better time to share with our Swedish Institute students just a few of the many reasons why we love you, each and every single day!

You Show Up and You Work Hard

The journey to success will always have detours and obstacles.  We know how hard it is to balance your personal responsibilities with your academic studies.  Yet you show up to class every day, which is half the battle.  Every day that you show up is one day closer to reaching your goal of walking across that graduation stage.  Just read through our alumni testimonials and hear it from our graduates themselves when they say that there is nothing sweeter than seeing the fruits of your labor pay off.

You Know How to Have Fun

Whether it’s karaoke night or movie night, you know how to de-stress and have fun with your classmates.  We love walking the halls and hearing your laugh about something funny that happened in lab or overhearing you in the Student Center chatting about your weekend.  We know that school can sometimes be challenging, and we love that you recognize the importance of balancing hard work with having fun.

You Help Each Other

As the saying goes, “it takes a village.” And that could not be truer of our students here at Swedish Institute.  You are all quick to help your peers when they don’t understand something, or need notes from a missed class. The way that you work together and support one another demonstrates that you are going to be the type of healthcare professional that will make us proud once you graduate from Swedish and enter the healthcare field.

You Give Back

It seems like every week there is a new fundraiser or student-led initiative to give back. Whether it’s raising money for the American Heart Association, bringing awareness to breast cancer, participating in the Juvenile Diabetes walk, or collecting items for pediatric cancer patients during the holidays – our students are committed to not only getting an education but making an impact on our community while doing it. And we could not be more proud!

You Inspire Us

There are so many reasons that each of you have decided to follow through with your education and career training. Many of you are doing so because of your passion to help others, many of you are furthering your education to provide a better life for your family and children and many of you realized that the path you were on was not meant for you and you are seeking more. Whatever your reason, your dedication and commitment to show up and contribute inspires us every day.