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How Can I Check to Make Sure My Health Insurance Works?

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One of the scariest things about adulting might be getting your own health insurance sorted out. If you’re trying to figure out how health insurance works, you’re not alone. However, health insurance is a major part of healthcare and wellness in general. We’ll explain what health insurance is, why it is important, how to check if your health insurance is active, and who processes health insurance. 

Do I Need Health Insurance? 

Short answer? Yes. 

Long answer? Absolutely yes! 

Without a doubt, health insurance is crucial to reducing the sometimes-astronomical costs of healthcare. Most doctors and healthcare providers require health insurance to see you as a patient. In other words, health insurance is a form of security to ensure that, in the case of severe illness or injury, you’ll have financial coverage to get the care you need. 

How to Check if My Insurance Is Active 

Checking if you have health insurance depends on how you access it. If you’ve applied to healthcare through the open market, you can check for answers. However, sites like this might not list health insurance received through your job. In that case, talk to your Human Resources advisor or employer about healthcare. You may also get health insurance through your spouse or (if you’re 25 or younger) your parents.  

Proof of insurance often comes in the form of a card or document you can carry around. This card has the necessary information, such as your insurance number and who your provider is. 

Who Needs My Insurance? 

Most medical professionals will require proof of insurance. A doctor’s office, for example, will provide information regarding your medical care and insurance to a medical billing and coding specialist. The specialist will act as the go-between for insurance companies and medical professionals. A part of your bill from the doctor’s office will be paid by your insurance company, while the rest might be paid for out of pocket in the form of a deductible or copay. 

Depending on the type of medical care you seek, you may want to check with your insurance provider ahead of time to make sure the desired provider is covered under your plan and know in advance what portion you will be responsible for paying. 

This might seem like a lot of information, but you’re better off knowing about your insurance situation before it’s too late. We hope you have a better understanding of how health insurance works. You’re better safe than sorry! #themoreyouknow