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Nursing: One of the Most Sought-After Careers in the U.S.

Demand for Nurses is on the Rise

Average Americans work well into their 60s, so you might as well have a job that’s secure and a career that’s fulfilling, right?


U.S. News & World Report recently named the Registered Nurse profession as one of 2019’s Best Jobs based on salary, employment rate, growth, work-life balance and more.  On top of that, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the demand for nurses in the U.S. will soar by 12% by 2028.  So if you’re looking for job stability as well as a career where you can truly make a difference and have a positive impact on peoples’ lives, keep reading.


Increasing Demand

The demand for nurses is growing faster than the growth rate for other occupations.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is seeing a shortage of nurses that could result in 1.1 million open positions by the year 2020.* This means that the demand for nurses will be greater than the supply, which in turn means you can feel confident that there will always be a job for you wherever you go.


Spectrum of Job Options

Job opportunities in the nursing industry go beyond the hospital setting. Nurses work in physicians’ offices, clinics, nursing homes and schools, as well as home care and private sector work.  Did you know that nurses can start and run their own businesses?


Rewarding Work

Nurses take pride in the fact that the public has rated their profession as the most honest and ethical profession for the past 17 years. Their commitment to protecting, promoting, and improving health care for all is well recognized, and they serve the public in a wide range of roles.

Being a nurse has provided me with a profound sense of accomplishment,” explains Hillory Thorpe, RN, Dean of Nursing at Swedish Institute.  “I have experienced the honor of working with patients and clients when they are at their most vulnerable.  The profession of nursing offers you the opportunity to become a confidant, friend and champion to those you come in contact with.”


Foundation for Success

One of the key advantages of Swedish Institute’s Nursing program is that our students can earn their degree and get into the job market in as little as 20 months. ⠀

Due to the rigorous and accelerated nature of our program at Swedish Institute, students must be academically and financially prepared, as well as socially committed.  We admit only 60 students per year who must meet all our admission requirements, which includes passing the National League of Nursing entrance exam with a score of 116 or above.

All of our Nursing faculty hold Master’s degrees and are experienced in specialty areas.  Class sizes are kept small (8 students in clinical setting, 12-15 students in the skills lab and 30 in didactic/lecture) so as to ensure personalized attention and support.  Our program fosters teamwork and collaboration for practice in an interdisciplinary and multicultural work environment. From working on patient-care techniques to reading lab results, our program is designed to prepare students for real-world experiences.

We are committed to our students,” says Dean Thorpe. “It’s a partnership we cherish to ensure we both succeed.”


In a graduate’s own words

After switching from active duty to the New York National Guard, I needed a nursing program that puts the student’s success first,” explains Orlich Labbe (Class of ’19).  “A friend who I served with informed me about the wonderful nursing program at Swedish Institute. After passing the entrance and challenge exams, I started the program in January 2018 and finished in April 2019.

My advice to anyone applying to the Nursing program at Swedish Institute:

  • Be responsible. Swedish has an accelerated Nursing program, so I took the initiative to read ahead, and I created time in my schedule to study without being distracted.
  • Stay consistent. Every test matters because pass/fail depends on your average.
  • Follow the advice of the faculty and staff
  • Ask for help and you will get it


Combining Passion + Career

Earning a nursing degree isn’t just about getting a job; it’s about creating a career for yourself and helping others.

In the words of our late Dean, Dr. Maxinee Black-Arias:

Nursing is an incredible opportunity.  It’s a privilege earned by few to serve and take care of people.”


If you’ve been thinking about a career in nursing but haven’t been sure where to start, click here or call 866.673.6148 to set up an appointment to tour the campus and meet with an Admissions Representative.  Don’t put your dream on hold a single day longer.


* Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics:


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