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5 Tips for Healthy Living this Summer

5 Tips for Healthy Living this Summer - Swedish Institute - New York, NY

Keep your health in check this summer with these 5 simple nutrition, fitness & lifestyle tips.


Summer marks the ultimate peak of the life cycle. Bees buzzing 🐝 gardens overflowing 🌸 kids running through sprinklers — it’s the ultimate yang energy of activity, excitement & enthusiasm for life.


Here’s your guide on how to live healthy and in sync with the season:



☯️ Nourish


The Fire element of Summer 🔥 governs the small intestine, whose job it is to transform what we eat & drink into usable components. But it can’t extract nutrients from foods that don’t have any 🙄

Luckily, this is the season of some of the most nutritious and accessible food around. From Montauk fluke to North Fork corn 🌽 there’s no excuse not to eat local, in-season foods whose nutrients are at their peak in summer. This is THE season we wait for all year!



☯️ Move


Summer is the season of activity — the time to make use of the energy you conserved all winter. So get outside and get your circulation going! 🏊‍♂️ Swimming is one of the best exercises on the planet, as it engages almost every muscle group 💪 And since it’s not exactly easy to find an open pool in the dead of winter, make full use of this way-too-short season.



☯️ Hydrate


Activity + heat = sweat + dehydration 😓 Drink 8-10 glasses of clean water each day 💧 Infuse fun flavors by adding fresh mint or blueberry ice cubes. And EAT YOUR WATERMELON 🍉 which stays true to its name with an H2O content of 95% + an unrivaled flavor that’ll satisfy any sweet tooth 😋



☯️ Socialize


Take longer lunches than usual with co-workers 🍴 and later dinners al fresco w/friends🍷 From backyard barbeques 🌭 to movies in the park, make it a priority to have fun on a regular basis.  It’s just as important to your self care as anything else.



☯️ Sense


Walk barefoot on the grass and stroll in the sand 🏖 Listen to the birds sing at dawn, the crickets chirp at dusk, and children screech with joy anytime an ice cream truck announces its arrival🍦 Smell the peonies, savor the fruit, breathe in the salt water and let nature recharge your battery pack.


The world is alive and at its peak.


Happy Summer!

☀️ 🍉 🏊‍♀️ 🕶 🏖


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