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What Is It You Were Meant to Do?

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Each of us has a purpose and a calling.  How can you determine your Ikigai?


Ikigai is a Japanese concept born from the words “iki” (life) and “gai” (worth).  Similar to the French “raison d’etre” and to “dharma” in Buddhism and Hindu philosophy.


It’s your PURPOSE in life.  Your WHY.

It’s what gives your life meaning, and fulfillment.

It’s the reason you’re here, and what you’re ultimately destined to achieve.⠀


Everyone has an Ikigai.  And everyone’s is different.⠀

Yours lies at the center of 4 interconnecting circles:⠀

🅾️ What you love

🅾️ What you are good at

🅾️ What you can get paid for

🅾️ What the world needs⠀


Simply stated:


🅾️ Love

🅾️ Skill

🅾️ Money

🅾️ Need⠀


Alone, no one component is enough. ⠀


Because you can love something and be good at it, but if there’s no need for it in the world, nobody’s going to pay you for it, right?

Or, you may realize there’s a need for nurses, and a huge job market for massage therapists, but you can’t just knock on a door & get a job without the right education, can you.⠀

Or, you can be good at something, which happens to be something people will pay for, but if you hate getting up every morning–if you’re just working for a paycheck & disliking every moment–then you’re not exactly going to be happy in life, are you?


You need skill & training. The right college and the proper education.


But there’s another critical piece to this Venn diagram—and that is love.


Knowledge is power, and education is key, but love needs to be the driving force behind all of it. ⠀


💟 Love for yourself & compassion for others

💟 Respect for the field & profession

💟 Passion for what you are doing

💟 Commitment & dedication to doing it 💯%⠀


Because it’s a pretty big responsibility, knowing you have the ability to change the course of someone’s life. But it’s also pretty much the greatest feeling to know you have a purpose and a path.  That you are here to make a difference.  You matter.


And to know that at any given moment, you are exactly where you need to be, to go where you are ultimately destined to be.


So in those moments when you may feel lost, or uncertain about your “why”…remember these words:


✴️ If the WANT TO is there, the HOW TO will follow. ✴️⠀


And that is where you find your Ikigai. ✨⠀


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