Transfer Credit Policy
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Transfer Your Credits

An applicant accepted into a Swedish Institute program may be eligible to transfer credits from a post-secondary institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Requests for transfer credit should be submitted in advance of the start of class. Transfer credit may be granted if the following criteria have been met:

  • The coursework is not older than five years (technical courses) or seven years (general education courses) from the applicant’s program start date at Swedish Institute.
  • For the Nursing program, coursework must have been completed within five years prior to Swedish Institute’s program start date.
  • Coursework in English and Psychology older than five years may be considered by the program dean for transfer of credit when the applicant has earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher in English or Psychology.
  • The course is comparable in length and content to a course offered at Swedish Institute.
  • The course was passed with at least a “C” (2.0) grade as indicated on an official transcript. Transfer credit in the Nursing program requires a minimum “B-” (2.67 or higher) grade, and knowledge must be successfully verified by a challenge examination for Bioscience courses.
  • A maximum of 50% of overall coursework necessary for graduation from the program in which the student is enrolled at Swedish Institute may be accepted for transfer. Transfer credit for Massage Therapy courses cannot exceed the equivalent of 250 Hours.

Program deans reserve the right to request that students seeking transfer credit show adequate knowledge or skills through demonstration, interview, or written examination.

Note: Transfer credit may be evaluated based on an unofficial transcript, but credit will be awarded only based on an official transcript, which is the student’s responsibility to provide to Swedish Institute.

Note: New applicants who have a previously earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher, are eligible to waive the Freshman Student Success (FSS-100) course from their schedule. Students with a degree can enroll in the Freshman Student Success (FSS) course. Once enrolled, the student has to complete the course, and cannot “opt out” after the Add/Drop period.

Transfer Credit from One Program in Swedish Institute

Students who previously completed (after meeting all the graduation requirements) one program at Swedish Institute may be granted transfer credit, at the sole discretion of the college. Courses taken from the previous program will be determined by the accepting program to be sufficiently equivalent to courses offered at the time of enrollment. Only passing grades will be considered for transfer credit. The courses that are approved as transfer credits will show a grade of “TC” on the Swedish Institute transcript. However, for courses that were completed more than five years (technical courses) or seven years (general education courses) ago may be required for further evaluation. This will be performed at the discretion of the dean or program director after an interview. The applicant may be required to take an academic challenge test and/or other forms of assessment. Students seeking to transfer credit are responsible for having official transcripts forwarded to the accepting program before the class begins. Awarding of credits will take place before the course begins. For the Nursing program, the requirements are different. Please contact the dean of the program.

Students who receive transfer credit will have the program tuition charge prorated based upon the remaining number of credits the student must earn in order to graduate.