Student Services
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Swedish Institute provides our students with the resources and support they need to obtain an exceptional education and find professional success in their chosen fields.

Academic Advisement and Tutoring

Our academic administration carefully monitors student attendance and grades, acting quickly to help students keep pace with their coursework. Should a student start experiencing academic difficulties, we offer academic advisement, as well as group and individual tutoring options. Licensing and certification exam preparation assistance are also available at any time. To learn more about the academic advisement and tutoring options available, please contact the individual program dean, the Director of Student Services, or the Director of Massage Therapy Academic Support Services.

Personal Advisement

Life events can sometimes impact academic progress. In these cases, the student is encouraged to seek assistance through the Director of Student Services or reach out to Student Resource Services, a private company that provides immediate telephone access to counselors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Resources are available for community service organizations, government agencies, social workers, or counselors who can help students navigate these challenges.

Library Services

All new students receive an orientation to library services including ebrary, ProQuest, and other electronic collections. Some programs include an information literacy course that provides detailed instruction on using Internet resources for academic and professional purposes. The librarian is always available to assist students with their research projects and professional searches. Additionally, the library contains a number of career guides to help students transition into their professional career path.

Alumni and Career Services

The Office of Alumni and Career Services provides assistance for existing students and graduates preparing to enter their new careers. The department offers guidance in interview techniques, job searches, resume writing and professional networking strategies. Additionally, guidance is offered in state and industry-specific licensure and certification. We maintain an extensive alumni network that provides graduates with job listings, referral services, office rental information, and general information. We also offer an extensive selection of continuing education classes.

Student Advisory Council

We encourage student input and regularly conduct surveys regarding our instruction and services. The Student Advisory Council, which represents all programs, meets regularly and uses this data to develop constructive suggestions for improvement. The Director of Student Services serves as the coordinator for the Council, and the Student Advisory Council serves as the voice of the student population.

Student Handbooks

Each program publishes a Student Handbook that provides information about services, policies, and procedures related to the specific program. The Handbook also provides further information about how to access school services. It is each student’s responsibility to read, understand, and abide by all of the rules and procedures outlined in their program’s handbook.

Student Clubs

We have several student clubs that provide supportive environments, encouragement, and fun activities for enrolled students:

  • National Technical Honor Society: For students who maintain a GPA of 3.5 or better
  • Olympic Lifting Club
  • Women’s Strength Club
  • Swedish Institute Film Club: Screens movies once a month
  • Scrub Society: A community fundraising group open to all students
  • Student Nursing Association: A new club set to start in the fall of 2016

Community Involvement

We are proud of and wholly dedicated to serving our local community. Throughout the year, our students partake in several community events, including:

  • The GMHC (Gay Men’s Health Crisis) AIDS Walk
  • Making Strides NY Breast Cancer Walk
  • Toys for Tots Program
  • City Harvest Food Drive: Last year, Swedish students donated more than 100 pounds of food – per building!

Student Ambassador Program

Our Student Ambassador Program is designed to recognize exceptional students and present leadership initiatives to those with the skills to be student leaders. Faculty and program directors nominate students for the Student Ambassador Program.

Nurse Pinning Ceremony

The Nurse Pinning Ceremony is a rite of passage for Nursing graduates. Every year, graduating students of the Nursing program take the “Florence Nightingale Pledge” while holding a lantern. The newly graduated nursing students are then presented with a special nursing pin that serves as the traditional entrance into their profession. This nursing tradition is an important celebration for new graduates about to enter their nursing career.


Graduation is a very special time at Swedish Institute. We hold traditional commencement services twice a year at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center. During the celebration, our Student Ambassadors receive high honors and praise, and our graduates enjoy seeing all of their hard work and dedication pay off as they anticipate the next chapter in their lives.