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Student Clinics

Clinics are an integral part of student's experience as they refine the skills they are learning.

It is part of our mission as a school to bring the therapeutic benefits of massage to our community.

In addition to our onsite clinics, we also have offsite clinics, which take students into New York City neighborhoods.

Educational Nature of the Clinics

Our clinics are teaching clinics, so your experience may be somewhat different here than going to a spa or private practitioner.

For students to get the most out of their clinic hours, we encourage patients to be consistent in keeping their appointments.

Patients will also gain the most benefits when they take full advantage of weekly sessions.

Patient feedback and supervisor observations are important aspects of the clinics.

Therefore, clinic patients are expected to complete evaluation forms and should expect supervisor observation during some part of their sessions.

In order to keep a calm common area, we ask that patients do not wear scents.

We suggest that you dress simply and avoid wearing a lot of jewelry to appointments, so that you can leave in a timely fashion and give the student intern time to prepare the area for the next patient.

In our Clinics, we may study ways in which massage therapy provides benefits in order to increase our understanding of these healing arts.

As a client, your case may be used for special projects, presentations or research which may require your completion of outcome surveys or the keeping of a journal to chart your progress.

The director will contact patients if a case is chosen for study.