Personal Training Certificate
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Become a Personal Trainer

Swedish’s Personal Training Certificate program provides students with a comprehensive education in exercise physiology, human anatomy and physiology, advanced training and performance techniques. With an intensive curriculum of classroom study, students practice and master skills in Swedish’s functional training facility.

Graduates of the program receive a certificate the New York State Board of Regents authorizes. Upon completion, graduates can then go on to pursue their degree in Swedish’s Advanced Personal Trainer degree program or seek entry-level work.

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What to Expect in the Program

The Personal Training Certificate program is a 37-credit course that is available in a 3-semester (12 month) course sequence. The coursework included in this program meets the standards for the knowledge, skills, and abilities the American Council on Exercise (ACE) sets forth. Students enrolled in this program will gain extensive knowledge in areas such as bioscience and personal training techniques, thus earning the education needed to pass their certification examinations.

Completion of the Personal Training Certificate program will provide the graduate with all of the education and skills needed to qualify for entry-level positions in the practice of personal training and in a variety of healthcare and wellness settings. Students will learn how to practice their trade within the legal, ethical, and professional standards. They will also learn how to assess clients holistically and develop appropriate evidence-based, client-centered training plans while working collaboratively and communicating effectively with other healthcare workers, athletic trainers, colleagues, clients and their families.

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Academic Calendar

Semester Calendar
Massage Therapy, Nursing, Personal Training
Please see catalog for future dates
2018 Semester 1 Winter

Classes Begin Tuesday, January 16

Classes End Saturday, April 28

School is closed for Holiday: Martin Luther King- Monday, January 15

2017 Fall Semester- Massage Therapy ONLY

Classes Begin Monday, October 30th

Classes End Friday, December 22

School is closed for Holiday: Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 23 and

Friday, November 24

Quarter Calendar
Medical Assistant, Medical Billing & Coding, Surgical Technologist
Please see catalog for future dates
2018 Quarter 1 Winter

Classes Begin Tuesday, January 16

Classes End Tuesday, April 3

School is closed for Holiday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day- Monday, January 15

2017 Fall Quarter

Classes Begin Thursday, October 5

Classes End Friday, December 22

School is closed for Holiday: Thanksgiving- Thursday, November 23 and Friday, November 24

Message from the Dean

Dear Prospective Student,

Thank you for your interest in our Advanced Personal Training Program.

The personal trainer’s calling is to find an exercise regimen that not only suits a client’s needs and preferences, but that will also be safe and effective. Our unique program offers a science-based approach for choosing the best possible tools and techniques for creating customized programs for those seeking increased levels of fitness and well-being. With organizations like Exercise is Medicine and Physical Education for Life being formed, it is clear that people are seeking prevention and health maintenance and want fitness experts with the skills to help them achieve it.

Our rigorous and exciting curriculum is filled with experiential learning and combines a strong foundation in science and anatomy with extensive hands-on application and skill development. The courses offer training to those looking to enter the fitness field, experienced trainers seeking higher levels of knowledge, skills, and abilities, massage therapists, and other healthcare practitioners looking to expand their practices, and those interested in learning about fitness, exercise, and the human body.

We help our students become independent thinkers who are knowledgeable in the most current fitness guidelines, have an understanding of state-of-the-art techniques, and be able to evaluate new trends and research. Our students learn to design and implement comprehensive and sophisticated programs of health, wellness, and performance. We strive to instill a love of knowledge in our students so they become lifelong learners with the skills for success in a wide variety of fitness settings.

I invite you to audit one of our classes and/or visit our facility to gain a better understanding of our program. To schedule an appointment, please call our Admissions Department.


Vincent Metzo, M.A., L.M.T., C.S.C.S.

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Success Stories

The hands-on approach truly aided me in comprehension and application of the sciences. Career Services provided a strong support system post-graduation. To all, I’m indebited!

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