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Swedish Institute is authorized by the New York State Board of Regents to award two associate degrees, the Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) and Associate in Applied Science (AAS).


The Associate in Occupational Studies degree was developed by New York State for terminal programs with a specific occupational goal. General education courses are typically of an applied nature and most coursework focuses on technical studies in preparation for employment.

Swedish Institute’s AOS programs include:

  • Advanced Personal Training
  • Clinical and Administrative Medical Assistant
  • Massage Therapy
  • Surgical Technologist


The Associate in Applied Science degree is also occupationally oriented and most graduates with such a degree seek immediate employment. However, these fields of study may also link to further higher education and graduates may seek to transfer some credits to four-year programs (although transferability cannot be guaranteed). General education courses are usually not of an applied nature and are offered to improve knowledge and skills related to communication, writing, critical thinking, information literacy, quantitative reasoning and/or arts and sciences.

The Swedish Institute’s AAS program is:

  • Nursing


Swedish Institute offers a three-semester certificate program in Personal Training which can be completed full-time in twelve months. Students completing the certificate program may later elect to enroll into the Advanced Personal Training AOS degree.

Swedish Institute offers a three quarter certificate program in Medical Billing and Coding which can be completed full-time in nine months. Students completing the certificate program may later elect to enroll into the Clinical and Administrative Medical Assistant AOS degree program.


Associate degree programs are normally completed in two academic years if taken on a full-time basis. Full-time is defined as a term credit load of at least 12 credits. An academic year consists of two semester terms (15-16 weeks) or three quarter terms (10-12 weeks) and is about 8-9 months in length. Due to the greater term length, semester programs typically consist of approximately 60 semester credits while quarter term programs consist of approximately 90 quarter credits. At Swedish Institute, the Nursing, Advanced Personal Training and Massage Therapy programs operate on a semester-term basis. Clinical and Administrative Medical Assistant, Surgical Technologist and Medical Billing and Coding programs operate on a quarter-term basis.

Swedish Institute’s programs can be completed in two academic years with the exception of Nursing, which requires more credits than usual and one additional semester due to the nature of the program and Nursing Board curriculum requirements. Full-time students in other programs taking fewer than 15 credits per term, on average, may also need an additional term to complete the program. The Massage Therapy program, for example, has a five-semester scheduling option.

Students who pursue the program on a part-time basis (fewer than 12 credits) will require additional semester-terms or quarter-terms to complete.

The page for each program provides program descriptions, occupational objectives, educational objectives, program outlines for Swedish Institute degree and certificate offerings.